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Westbury Wills provides a voice from the grave and a medium to ensure such voice is listened to and acted upon after your death!

A Will is an exercise in forward planning which should give you peace of mind knowing that everything will be dealt with as you have decided. There are some important things that should be considered and included in a properly drafted Will:

  • Parents may choose and appoint guardians to care for their children if the need arises.
  • Parents should also decide who would look after their children’s financial needs.
  • Special provision may be required for a disabled child.
  • Unmarried couples may ensure that intestacy rules are avoided and that their partners are properly provided for.
  • Couples with children from different relationships may make provision to ensure all children are treated fairly.
  • Action may be taken to ensure that any liability to Inheritance Tax is minimised.
  • Action may be taken to protect assets for your chosen beneficiaries from outside claims, such as payment of care fees.
  • Succession planning for a business may be included and affairs organised to maximise the benefit from business property relief from Inheritance Tax.

Only a properly prepared Will ensures that such concerns are addressed.

Will Writing

Anyone may provide Will writing services: no regulation or requirement for legal training currently exists. The Legal Services Board is currently reviewing this situation and soon everyone offering Will writing services will be subject to new regulation and monitoring – a proposal that should be welcomed by all.

Westbury Wills is the practice of Patrick O’Neill. Patrick is a lawyer of almost forty years’experience, a professional will writer and is a member of the Society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioners. He is already subject to the Society’s Code of Conduct (which you can see via the link below) so that you may have confidence in the expertise and service that we offer you.

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