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Power Of Attorney

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If someone has an accident or contracts an illness that causes a loss of capacity, it creates many problems:

  • Money in bank or savings accounts will become inaccessible
  • Bill payments become difficult
  • Sale of property becomes impossible
  • It may be difficult to raise funds for long term care.

A financial lasting power of attorney solves such problems, allowing money or property to be accessed on the individual’s behalf in their best interests and in accordance with their known wishes and preferences.

Welfare decisions, including acceptance or refusal of life-sustaining treatment, may be made by an attorney appointed under a Welfare lasting power of attorney.

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Creating a Lasting Power of Attorney is a quite daunting task. Westbury Wills has the experience and expertise in preparing and registering a Lasting Power of Attorney. We will advise and assist you in deciding who it is you trust and have confidence in to make decisions on your behalf at a time you cannot make those decisions yourself. We will spend time with you to explain fully all aspects of the process and take away the headache of completing complicated forms and registering your Power with the office of the Public Guardian so that it is ready when needed.

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