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Christmas Wills

Something of a conundrum: a Christmas theme and Wills. I have spent a considerable amount of time [well, at least five minutes!] thinking how on earth it might be worked.

While shepherds wrote their Wills by night?
Deck the halls with powers of attorney?
We three Wills from orient are?
Doesn’t really work, does it?
Yet here we are in the season of Advent which is all about preparation for the most celebrated birth of all time. And the baby is to born to a newly married couple into a dangerous and uncertain world. Very soon attempts will be made to kill the child, and the family will have to set out on a long and hazardous journey.
Any of these events in our own lives - marriage, birth, journeys - are triggers that should highlight the need to have a Will and so enjoy peace of mind knowing should the worst happen, affairs will be settled as you wish.
Protect your family make your Will, and then get on with life … and have a very happy Christmas.

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