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Sww Annual Conference

At the beginning of last month I attended the 16th Annual Conference of the Society of Will Writers of which I am a member. The annual conference is always worth attending as it gives an opportunity to catch up with other Will Writers from across the country, discuss best practice, and attend a variety of educational seminars. The annual conference provides an important part of my own continual practice development.


A major topic of interest to the gathering this year, was the proposal to regulate the Will Writing profession and how this will impact upon our day-to-day work practices. The Legal Services Board has conducted an investigation of the profession over the last several months and has announced that in January it will recommend that Will Writing and estate administration should be declared reserved activities, which essentially means that in order to carry out such work for financial reward any individual will become subject to statutory regulation. The system will still take some time to become fully operational, and is unlikely to be fully in place before June 2015; however, once it is in place, it will become an offence for any unregulated person to offer these services for financial reward. It is intended that the same regulatory framework will apply to all those involved in providing relevant services, including solicitors.

Members of the Society of Will Writers already work to a strict code of conduct and accordingly it seems most probable that the statutory regulation will have no very great impact upon our work practices. The major benefit for the consumer is that it will drive out of the market "cowboys" who are either unwilling or unable to comply with a code of conduct and provide confidence that all regulated individuals are suitably qualified, experienced, and insured. This is something that is welcomed by the Society of Will Writers as well as all ethical practitioners working in this field.

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