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Having invested some considerable time, effort, and money in creating a collection it is important to give special thought to what will happen to it after your death. Some will have relatives or friends who share your passion, and for these, the decision is simply which of them you would like to have which item; but unless you include provision for the specific gifts in a Will, they will not be given.


Christmas Wills

Something of a conundrum: a Christmas theme and Wills. I have spent a considerable amount of time [well, at least five minutes!] thinking how on earth it might be worked.


Don’t leave it too late! (A Question of Capacity)

Over the last month, I seem to have been asked to help an unusually large number of clients suffering from terminal illnesses. One client, in particular had a cancer, and so did her husband. They both knew that they needed to revise their Wills, and over a period of months had discussed and agreed between them what they wanted, but had not taken action. Her health had then deteriorated suddenly and she was taken into hospital.  She was now home but with only a few days left to her, they needed to get new Wills completed in a rush. This is always a difficult time emotionally, for the individual herself and also for close family, and it creates special problems for the professional advisor who must ensure that the individual retains capacity and that decisions are their own, not the result of any undue influence from those around them. If these matters are not properly addressed, there will be far greater possibility of a Court declaring the Will invalid.


Sww Annual Conference

At the beginning of last month I attended the 16th Annual Conference of the Society of Will Writers of which I am a member. The annual conference is always worth attending as it gives an opportunity to catch up with other Will Writers from across the country, discuss best practice, and attend a variety of educational seminars. The annual conference provides an important part of my own continual practice development.


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I hope that you find useful information on the  Westbury Wills web site. I am currently learning how to use this facility to create blogs: I hope to be able to add articles of more interest in due course!


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