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About Westbury Wills

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At Westbury Wills we do our best to make the process of organising your affairs as straightforward as possible. Some people find the idea of making a Will upsetting, but once you are aware of the pitfalls of not doing so, you will see it makes sense to act today. Our philosophy is that you should make your Will - and get on with your life, knowing that because of your prompt action your loved ones will not face added distress after your death.

Our consultants provide advice on all aspects of your estate and have the expertise to deal with your requirements effectively and speedily.

Our process

Once you have given us your instructions we will prepare and send to you a draft Will for you to check and approve. If you decide you would like to make any changes, we will make the approriate amendments for you. Once you confirm that you are happy with the draft, we will prepare the final document and visit a second time to ensure that it is properly signed and witnessed. We would expect this entire process to be completed within four weeks.

If you wish, we will retain the original Will for safekeeping, and we will send you a copy for your own records.

Why use Westbury Wills?

There are many Will writing services advertised, but it is vital to choose one that is competent, professional and has the appropriate expertise and experience. Anyone can call themselves a Will Writer. You can even 'do it yourself' with a form from a well-known stationer. But only a properly trained professional can ensure that your Will is correctly drafted. Home made or badly made Wills can be just as bad (or even worse) than no Will at all.

Why risk your entire estate to be dealt with under a Will drawn up by anyone other than a trained professional?

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